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The first alternative rock band, Queen, formed in 1970 and famously opened for Mott the Hoople (a British hard rock band) in 1971 at a nightclub called the Flamingo.

The word blitzkrieg refers to the German doctrine of lightning warfare. It was first used in the title of a 1939 book by German military theorist Hans von Seeckt.

Blitzkrieg, as a military tactic, dominated strategy and tactics in all theatres during the first half of World War II despite never being officially adopted by Adolf Hitler and Heinz Guderian’s command.

The speed and force of the combined air and land attacks astonished not just Allied forces but their own soldiers.

This is the home of rock. This site is an online database of rock music and rock songs to celebrate the history of rock music.

The “Blitzkrieg” was an offensive military operation that saw German forces penetrate deep behind enemy lines, bypassing strongpoints, fighting only as necessary, and coming out with their forces intact.

Rock has provided a formula for success since its start in the 1950s. We’ve taken a look at what makes it so relevant today.

Blitzkrieg is an operational term meaning “lightning war” that was originally employed by the German military strategist von Manstein in 1940.

Blitzkrieg is a type of military tactics and strategy which aims at achieving decisive victory by quickly breaking through the enemy’s front line of defenses, then moving with speed to take opponent’s offensive forces by surprise, destroying them with a mixture of combat and terror, and then continuing to move in pursuit. The name means lightning war and it was used for the first time during World War II by German military commander Heinz Guderian who, after witnessing its success in Poland, recommended its use for quick victories on all fronts.

Blitzkrieg is a German word which was coined by German military strategist Alfred von Schlieffen in 1905 as a technique of war. It means lightning war. The term’s connotation has changed over time.

In this article, I’m going to discuss about the different meanings of blitzkrieg and its evolution through time in contrast with the British History.

Blitzkrieg evolved over time because technology progressed and Germany had better resources than the British. Blitzkrieg is more like a strategy whereas blitzing refers to an operation taken straight after the strategy. Blitzing would be an operation like taking London with as little casualties as possible, which might have been done by Napoleon Bonaparte during his campaigns in Europe.

Blitzkrieg is a German word which means “lightning war” and can be translated to “lightning quick war.”

The word has become synonymous with the German military strategy of rapid and overwhelming armored attacks. The term was coined by General Heinz Guderian, who served as Chief of Staff of the Wehrmacht. The first operational use was during the Battle of France in 1940, where German forces went on to attack Poland and Norway.

The British had been a dominant military power at sea for centuries prior to World War II, but Germany’s rapid advances across Europe in 1940 led them to adopt blitzkrieg tactics.